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Casio FX 9860 GII

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Guest KAPOWW!!

Hey, guys I created this thread becuase the Casio GDC is still picking up in popularity so its not easy finding help on functions, so this can be useful to anyone...provided it stays unpopular ;):D:P

Okay, here's my doubt: How do I calculate Compound Interest.( I found it in financial, but what values do I enter where, there's a bunch of weird terms there)

Will keep this updated I have 2 more that I can't remember!

Cheers :D!!

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The easiest way would be just to use the recursive function on the calculator.

Lets just say the initial value is 100 and the interest is 5%.

1. Go to RECUR

2. for an+1 enter an*1.05

3. Select SET(F5) and then change a0 to 100, ensure Start:0 and End:longer than you need

4. Exit then press EXE

5. Just read off the table to find whatever answer for whatever time you need

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