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Course Companion Doubt

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Guest KAPOWW!!

Heyo guys, haven't been to this section in a while.

Here's what the textbook says" The best fit line should either be smooth curve or a straight line drawn with a ruler. Never join the dots, the trend lines are an attempt to highlight the possible relationships(w.t.t.e.)"

SO I'm just looking to clarify that they joined the dots, so its easy to explain it to us right?

Secondly- IF you don't draw a curve by joing the dots, how the hell else do you haha!? :D xP (i'm probably interpreting this wrong, since I just solved a past paper correctly by drawing the best-fit curve through the point. So if this is grammatical error or ambiguous please tell me you think so, SO I can include it in the Course Companion errors thread. :D)

That's it for nowwww.

Words to that effect-wtte

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