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IB books as PDF files. Please help

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As you all know, the IB is very demanding and sooner or later you will have to bring most of you books home at the same time. I’m therefore thinking about putting all my books on my iPad (I won it in a competition), however, I’m having trouble finding all of them as PDF files. Can you guys help me?. Where can I find them?

I need books I haven’t managed to obtain yet are:

- IB diploma programme Economics course complication

- Theory of knowledge (author Richard van de Lagemaat)

- Pearson baccalaureate higher level chemistry for the ib diploma

It would be really helpful if you guys could tell me where to find these books. I you guys want, I can share some of the books I’ve managed to obtain so far (physics HL, both Tsokus and Hamper, and Math HL)

Thank you

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