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TOK presentation and sexual orientation

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I have my TOK presentation after one month, it's time for me to choose a topic, and I got problem with it. I would like to do something related to sexual orientation, I think this might be a interesting issue, however I can not come up with any idea of what kind of knowledge area I can talk about and what knowledge issue is concerned.

I will appreciate any help! Thank you!

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Talk about how we can know whether an aspect of personality like sexual orientation is determined by external or internal factors (you can bring in: nature vs nurture; determinism, free will, etc.). It's sort of looking at ignorance as well, and generally (largely implicitly, I would imagine) being sappy (not that I'm recommending anything else!) about accepting difference and co-existing and stuff, and looking at how knowledge can change the world, how ignorance ("knowledge" minus justification for example) can damage it, like kids getting their gayness "beaten out of them" (or not). How what we general agree to be "accepted" can change over time, how social and cultural attitudes override facts, how empirical evidence takes a *long* time to overcome cultural bias. Stuff like that.

It's a really cool topic actually, looking at it from more scientific perspectives, like how did it persist in evolution, why do giraffes have 90% homosexual sex, stuff like that. But the key is to concentrate on making it as TOKish as possible. I'm more or less completely ignorant when it comes to making things TOKish (I slipped by with a basic understanding of the frameworks of philosophy).

Then again - this is becoming a habit - I'm fairly drunk, so you can also disregard all of the above if you want.

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