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Chemistry HL Lab help?!

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Yesterday, we did our first lab in the chemistry HL IB course (gr 11). I wasn't used to it at all, like having to set up and do nearly everything by ourseleves without assistance. Plus, gathering the data knowing that you cant rewrite your data the next day (because our teacher was going to check it as soon as we finished) made it difficult because I was always used to going home and checking with everyone to see if I got the best data....

I already lost marks for not following one of the safety rules during the lab....------- Can anyone help me with some really good general/specific advices regarding on how to write/organize labs in order to achieve the best mark possible? Does IB/teachers generally look for alot of quantity of writing + good quality? And I should try to use scientific terms whenever possible right?

Also, our teacher said our conclusion and observation questions we have to formulate/make up ourselves... What should I do? How much should I write? Should I be straight to the point and not beat around the bush ? HELP WITH SOME LAB ADVICES!

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actually same here, the materials are provided in a basket and we have to setup the thing by ourselves. the worse thing is that my class is very small so we do our experiments individually.

of course, you CANNOT change your data for the sake of anything unless you typed it wrongly or something. you are NOT allowed to change your data just because your friend has better data; there is no good and bad data anyway! if you made mistakes, it means you have more to talk about in the CE (conclusion & evaluation, which includes improvements). but if you make no mistake, you need to think further where the errors come from (though if you made mistakes you'll still need to do this too, but if you make no mistake you should write more).

the safety rules, it's for your manipulation skills and personal skills criteria I think. you really need to conduct your experiments safely and in a correct&professional way.

I think you can see these threads for guidance:

if you have any other question please ask.

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