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Worried sick about Chem Labs

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Guest KAPOWW!!

Hey guys, I haven't finished a single lab and I'm in year two and running out of time slowly and steadily...

I need help with Lab ideas desperately(Can I do IAs that other people are doing/have done?-no I won't copy anything but the title)

So far I've thought of a DC and Design Lab that is, I'm performing a thermometric titration.

Can you throw in some Ideas, because I really can't think of any, and when I see all those sample Labs from the IB website I'm astounded, I don't get what they're talking about!

Thanks! :)

PS Mods- I hope this doesn't violate any rule, sorry If it does.

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Can't really copy the title either but yes you could use some people's ideas. After a while you just run out of stuff to test in a high school XD

You can do rates, titrations, calorimetry, organic (test for alkenes for example), electrolysis, could even make a battery and test the voltage it creates :P

Just go through each topic and find a concept you think you can test and form a lab around it.

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is this for the design? at my school usually my teacher prepares the experiment for DCP and CE, and for design my teacher sets the general topic. for example my teacher says we design an experiment on rates of reaction, then we generate narrower ideas under that topic.

do you do all the IAs on your own?

ask your teacher for confirmation!

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