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economics IA

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hi everyone,
well i have nearly finished IB 2 and due to the lack of teaching ability in the school i have to finish 4 commentaries in the next week. i had already written two, however, my teacher just said they were bad as i dont noe how to write a commentary. if anyone could just give me a brief overview on this as my teacher failed to assist.

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Wow 4 commentaries in a week :0
This is all i can tell you for now:
- Define and Explain economics terms/concepts
- Use diagrams to assist
- Then evaluate the situation (eg. What will happen in long run vs. short run/impact on stakeholders)

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1. Definitely use diagrams, 1 is usually too little, but at least have one.
2. Start the commentary by (thoroughly) defining key terms, but try to do it as compactly as possible to leave space for the actual evaluation.
3. If you have a long article, highlight the points you are discussing in your commentary.
4. Mention the impact on different stakeholders, as well as the time period considered.
5. Remember to stick to the article, you should not show off with your knowledge in Economics if it's not relevant to the article.
6. If you're doing your commentary on Microeconomics, don't write about macroeconomics, you're supposed to focus on ONE topic.

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