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Chrysanthemums and Wild Flowers in a Vase

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The Flower Painting Chrysanthemums and Wild Flowers in a Vase was painted by Van Gogh in 1887. It depicts a large bouquet of flowers in a vase against a dark background. When initially looking at the painting, it is hard to conceive where the vase is placed. Boats Paintings The vase seems to be surrounded by some reds and greens which could indicate an outside placement, but it is not entirely sure. The vase itself is also very small for the large bouquet it holds, ensuring that our focus stays with the flowers. People Paintings The background is almost invisible, again drawing our eyes to the light of the flowers.

The light and focus of the painting comes from the flowers. Unlike many other Van Gogh paintings, the flowers are here very uniform in their rendering. Building Paintings The variation instead comes from placing so many of them together, thus opening up for nuances of colors. Oil Paintings for sale The whites and yellows meanwhile light up the center while the red flowers, in addition to their beauty, also tie the bouquet with the lower background area, thus creating a more harmonious whole for the beautiful bouquet.

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