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Anyone interested on hearing my CAS experience?

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Hello everyone!

So one of my many CAS projects consisted in creating a dance for my school's talent show! HAHAHAHAH what makes it reaaaallllyyyy hilarious and strange is that people at my school said that they couldn't imagine me an IB diploma student without any art related IB classes doing such a project! This is because my IB subjects for the diploma are the following:

Chemistry - HL

Physics - HL

English A2 - HL

Spanish A1 -HL

Economics - SL

Math - SL

Also, I feel reaally akward when dancing at parties in this country (Ecuador) because the music they mainly play is reggaeton which according to the people at the parties, should be danced in a reaally suggestive way. So to wrap it up, I am a young man that won´t dance, takes mostly science classes (stereotyped), Bolivian (parents Korean). So NO ONE really thought I could manage to actually create a dance for the talent show. HAHAHAHA so I as an IB student decided to beat the odds against me and even made bets with several of my friends (currently I get free lunch!). So I made the dance with some ideas from the group members and decided to do it with Justin Bieber's somebody to love song. Even I didn't know I could dance! So I felt the music flow within me and I SWEAR that it was my first time actually trying to dance! So the final day came and we presented our dance to the audience and the LOVED IT! HAHAHAHA every teacher was complementing my dance, etc... So if any of you want to check out my CAS project here is the link to the dance video! HAHAHAH it's amature after all its my first work, but thanks to this I managed to discover a "hidden" talent within me!

Close up:


Far away:


Im the guy in the middle just in case! HAHAHAHA

If you have a youtube account please comment!!!!! Any suggestions? This is not the finale because there is this event called the "noche de gala" where we will presnt the dance and I would like to improve!

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thank you to those of you who have watched my project and even made suggestions! Ill be waiting even more because after all it is not over yet!

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