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What exactly IS a formal essay? (WL2c)

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I just want to know what exactly does IB mean when they tell you a "formal essay" is a way to approach World Lit 2: Detailed Study. What does IB expect to see in a formal essay? What's supposed to go in one? Format? Any details you can give me would help.

It seems like it's assumed literally everywhere that you know or understand what they mean by "formal essay", which is a problem for me because, I just plain don't know/get it. Even the guidelines on this packet about the World Lit papers I have just says "A formal essay: A formal piece of writing which follows a logical sequence." I don't know what they mean by that.

I apologize if this question comes off as a bit idiotic or ignorant, but regardless, I really need to know.

Thanks for the help.

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Oh wow, someone quoted one of my posts, I feel so special. :blush:

A formal essay is one which follows a "logical sequence":

1. Introduction: This includes:

a) Thesis Statement

b) A brief summary of what you aim to achieve and the means you will use to achieve those aims.

2. Multiple Body Paragraphs:

a) Topic Sentence: A simple statement which micro-focusses on the particular idea within that particular body paragraph.

b) Evidence: Generally a quote.

c) Analysis: Of the aforementioned quote.

d) Concluding sentence: A sentence of questionable length that connects back to the topic sentence and also answers in part the thesis which is to be remembered throughout the essay.

3. Conclusion:

a) Thesis: A direct answering of your thesis with reference to the vital points proved in your body paragraph and thusly proving your side of the argument to a great or less extent.

I hope that helps.

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