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Changing to Normal Canadian School?

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As the title states, in my second IB year, would it be possible to transfer to TDSB Grade 12 and get the normal Diploma in one year?

I'm taking Math HL, Physics HL, Chemistry HL, Economic SL, French AB Initio SL, and Literature and Language SL.

THanks for any help peeps!

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Depending on your school's policy, you should be allowed to switch out of IB fairly easily. Might have to wait until second semester (depending on how your school works, I'm in Ontario too). I don't know too many people who switched out during IB2, but everyone who switched out after Predicted IB had no issues whatsoever. You would have zero issues with any of the grade 12 credits you don't have. You should contact Student Services at whatever school in the TDSB and see what they say.

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