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Having trouble with my English A1 question.

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I'm interested in doing an English A1 EE. I'm planning on comparing two books but I'm not exactly sure if IB would classify them as literature. My planned research question is: "How does the use of multiple narrators expand the reader's understanding of new cultures in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club and Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible?" My biggest concern is whether or not these two novels adhere to IB's definition of literature. The main theme that connect these two works is cultural ostracism and adaptation, along with the use of multiple narrators (13 between both books I think) that echo the idea that even though people may be connected in a subculture, they do not necessarily share the same experience. Does this seem too big of a task?

Of course, I'm open to other books too! I definitely want to discuss cultural ostracism (which is extremely broad) but I'm not sure what non-cliched texts I could use.

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Your books are not as clichéd as you would imagine, so you're fine on that front. I think your topic can become narrow enough...Perhaps, "To what extent does the use of multiple narrators elucidate to readers the idea of cultural ostracism in..."

Coupling the literary device with the idea you've expressed most interest in will be the best way to narrow the RQ down. There's no reason to say "new cultures" because that is a rather wide criteria to look into, especially with these books, so focus it some more into what you're really interested. After you're done with your research and finding of quotes and what-not, I think you will narrow it down further on your own volition.

Best of luck!


PS: No RQ will be right until you actually research and start writing the essay.

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