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I'm SO scared about the EE!

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We were supposed to turn in our first draft 2 weeks ago, but our coordinator gave us an extension til last week. I think I'm actually the one who's the most behind in my entire school... I'm still unsure if my question is even allowed to be done as an EE (it's about lucid dreaming as a method of psychotherapy). I want to ask my advisor for help, but he's also writing my teacher recommendation for college and I'm scared he'll ask me why I procrastinated so much. My coordinator also sounds really scary "For those of you who have not submitted a complete draft you need to come see me. I suggest you make an appointment to come and explain why you are behind, if you don't make an appointment yourself, I will be forced to call you in and I will be a lot less forgiving at that point."

Aghh!!! When I get stressed about a project that I've totally procrastinated on, I procrastinate even more. I'm so stupid! :no: I don't know where to start... and I have all this other work piled up. :(

How are you guys on your EE? Is everyone's due pretty much the same day? I don't even know what day the final draft of the EE must be submitted. Are you guys slackers like me? Haha...

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Well our first draft was supposed to be in september and almost everyone gave it in except a couple few. But we have a new Co-ordinator now, and the first draft was due last friday and i've submitted it already. And i was slacking during the whole holiday. Until the last week of school is when i started and finished it but i went over the word limit so i have to work on that. Our final EE is due in december so i have a LONG way to go to edit my work. When's your final EE due?

You should take a breath and relax! :) Think your EE through and go see your supervisor. Don't even think about what he'll say. Let him say it because at the end of the day, it's your EE and not his :) Take all the help you can from him. Then you can start writing it up and i suggest you see your IB co-ordinator so that he will be forgiving which is better then NOT being forgiving lol. Don't worry, i'm slacking off right now as you can see, i'm on IBS instead of doing my IA's XD So take a deep breath and relax. Don't stress :) Why don't you just start writing a bit of the draft and show it to your supervisor and tell him you weren't sure of continuing further? sorry if that's a stupid suggestion but my classmates do that all the time here :P i hope i helped! Good luck! :) P.s. You also have the help of this lovely site :) lol

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