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IB Biology Lab Report

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Hey Guys, i just started my IB course and I'm having trouble with designing my lab.

The experiment is to test if the conductivity of strawberries being kept in a sealed bag is higher than that of strawberries being kept without a bag.

I know this should be easy but I'm stressing & cant think of a way to begin my intro!

can anyone help me?? it would be very appreciated.

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didn't your teacher give you some kind of format?

it should be structured like this:

1. Research Question

2. Variables (Independent, Dependent, Controlled)

3. Apparatus, Equipments

4. Methods of controlling the variable

5. Procedure

* include a diagram of set-up where necessary

if I miss anything I hope somebody would point that out. and if you need further details I think you should check out the Biology Labs Tips posted by Mahuta, Sticky in the Biology forum. if you can't find the answers to your questions there, you may ask here.

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