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EE on THE CONFESSION by Jhon Grisham

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hey first post here, :)

do any of you think THE CONFESSION by John Grisham is a good book to do an EE on?

i was also thinking of changing the book to The Firm by John Grisham

what do you guys think??


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Hey! Congratulations on your first post! haha.

You really have to be more specific. No book is necessarily good/bad to do an EE on. Unless you can't stand the book and absolutely hate it, in which I'd recommend you choose another. What actually matters is what you plan to do with that book. What aspects do you want to analyze? What intrigues you about that book? Can you think of other books/poems etc you want to compare and contrast it to? What made you think of The Confession? What made you want to switch to The Firm? Why these books and not any other books?

Try to simultaneously think about what you want to do with the books, not just which books you want to write about. Then, get on ibsurvival and ask for opinions if you want. :) But first get a clearer idea of what you wish to analyze/explore.

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