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Self taught IB student because of an exchange year?

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I live in Mexico and I'm leaving to Finland very probably, next summer sponsored by Rotary International. If so, I would have the opportunity to conclude my Senior year in a Finnish high School. What I don't know is if I will be able to even suggest placing me on an IB school. I have inquired you a lot about this before in here, but no one has been able to give me a fulfilling answer. The main inquiry I have is, in case I was placed in an IB school, Will I be able to complete it there or not? Since half of my curriculum will be different. Could I change some of the subjects? Like Finnish B or A2 (depending) instead of Anthropology? and what about those I would like to self teach myself? Whom should I send my works in any case? Will I be required to provide proof that I was an IB student? if so, how could I show it? does IBO know which students have been taking their curriculum, or they only serve examinations and revisions to all those who sign up for the examinations call held on May? Or will they give me a document telling which subjects I have taken and how many class hours each? I don't know how IB works in these cases.

Please help me ! I'm so sad and desperate. And I don't want to talk to my schools principal because they're quite scary, and I don't want they to try to fool me with misleading arguments or even fake ones!

Could I just kind of self teach myself and apply for IB examinations? If so, what about all the other works, such as Biology lab practices, WL essays, EE, CAS diary, and all those things ?

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