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Urgent help: IB HL Math Portfolio type 2: Radiometric dating

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Hi guys,

I am sure somebody has done this portfolio and I really badly need help with it. I need to know how to model an equation. I know it is exponential decay but how do you create that equation.


How do you conjecture a model for 12 sided dice with each die showing a 12 is removed everytime they roll and the orignal number of dice are 100.




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I'm sorry, but I think you're asking too much from other people. We can't answer your first question because that is essentially the whole project, making a model. Look in your notes for the exponential and logarithmic functions - the answer is there if you look. For the second question, it is really the same thing, just adding probability to the problem.

But here, I'll give you one hint that should help you with both of them:

The half-life of a radioactive isotope is the time at which the probablility of the nuclei decaying is 50%.

If you think about it, it will answer your questions, but you need to put the effort understanding it.

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