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Math Studies IA -ideas

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Hey guys,

So i'm on the stage where I have to choose a topic for my math studies IA but I've got no clue what I could do or what topic to choose. Some people say statistics is the easiest way out... but I don't know :S

Are we also graded on creativity ? Cuz I'm a blank page right now.. can't think of anything original!

Is there anyone out there who can come up with some good ideas for a nice math studies IA ?! :)

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Yea the statistics is definatly the easiest.:D I just finished mine IA Math. You are not graded on creativity: the easiest way to choose the topic is to choose something you like. E.g. in statistics you can do variety of things which seems stupid but with different tests you can get good grade.:D (chi square test and etc).:D

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