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TOK Presentation

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Hey guys,

my presentation is due in 4 days and I was wondering how well formulated my knowledge issue is.

it is currently either "How do we know the right way to deal with juvenile offenders?"

or "How should the state cope with juvenile offenders?"

any suggestions for improvement?

thank you in advance everybody :)

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have you read the TOK Presentation guide that Keel posted in the TOK forum? he explained what makes a question a Knowledge Issue there.

as a summary, a KI needs to question what we know and how we know it. your question does not do so, hence it's not a KI.

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well how is it NOT a knowledge issue???

it is a controversy if teenagers youger than 14 should be emprisioned or not,

if teenagers should be punished harder or even imprisoned and so on...

Instead of looking at it as 'obviously' being a knowledge issue true to decipher WHY you've chosen that. that way you'll have more to think about. You've just stated things... still doesn't explain how it's a KI

Anyway, good luck with whatever you do.

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