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Help analyzing a story~

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his is a story called coffe for the road by alex la guma

it talks about racial discrimination during the apartheid era.

and the author is biased and shows favor to the blacks by describing them in a good way such as

"handsome indian face"

"smart tan suit"

"handsome indian face with its smart sunglasses, and the city cut of the tan suit"

elaborate like what effect these quotes have or something

like what does it tell you if someone is in a "smart suit" or has "a handsome face"

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Nobody can simply elaborate and give you an accurate idea of what you're writing about, only you know what you have to write about. Also, these quotes are essentially meaningless, it would actually work if you used these quotes in comparison with other quotes describing caucasian folk in this novel and how the author was using diction to describe them with imagery that is not flattering when compared to this overtly flattering imagery and descriptions used for the black people. That would make for some comparison, but even beyond that, your analysis is unstructured if you don't reveal to what end you're utilising it for and helping you becomes impossible.

Try figuring it out on your own, be a little creative and come up with a decent reason how this shows the author's bias in this situation. You need a comparison though because bias cannot be shown unless two effects from the same source are held side by side and the stark disproportionality is brought out.

tl;dr: You're going about it wrong.

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