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Individual Presentation due on monday

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So i have to talk in front of my class for 10 to 15 minutes but i really hate presenting and am really shy but i could overcome all that. I need help getting some ideas to start. [u]My Topic is The Sexual encounters Esteban Trueba has with Clara and Transito differ from ech there to help characterize them[/u]. I just need some ideas on the topic like how should i approach it or the purpos of the author doing this or just any ideas or pointers to help me get on track.

Please Help me

and Thank you to however helps me it is greatly appreciated

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well what i think would be useful is to first identify any similarites/ links between the two relationships and then the differences (e.g. transito willing to sleep with esteban whenever but clara has period where she refuses, estebans more seduced by clara....)... analyse as much as you can and pick out the important quotes and find each sexual encounter- even if it means going through HotS all over again.

about approaching it... ask your teacher for the list of ways you could present- theres a part in the ib guide that explains what sort of things you could do...you could be creative and do a monologue, or you could do something more straightfoward like an interview with the teacher... its up to you but I generally find the 'uncreative' ones easier.

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