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feeling like you're drowning?

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i am in year 11 right now, and have just technically started year 12. over the past year i have been trying (not my hardest i admit)to keep my head above water and deal with the workload. i recently just got my 2nd report for this year and found that my estimated ib mark is 27. :/ this is exactly the same as last semester, only my grades are a lot more balanced (except for SL math, in which i got a 2. :S)

i know i'm not dumb (yes, of course everyone is going to say that) and i have been told for years that i am bright and have lots of potential, but i can't seem to work out how to make any use of this so-called 'potential'. i know i could be working harder, but i don't really know how i can manage myself better - i have a terrible work ethic. with doing HL history i have found that i am always overwhelmed with the content which takes up a lot of my study time for other subjects and my parents always tell me that i spend too much time on it.

is there anyone else in this same situation who has still managed to finish with flying colours?

And is there anyone who could give me tips on how to really manage my work and not get overwhelmed with it all?

thnaks. :)

p.s. these are the subjects i'm doing, which are apparently aren't supposed to be too difficult.

HL History

HL economics

HL English A1

SL maths

SL latin

SL environmental systems & societies

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Love what you do and really commit to them. The results are complimentary to what you really enjoy doing. It'll be worth it.

what a powerful message ^ (Y)

I think you need to understand your concepts well. you have a brain, (you said) you have the potential, you're a bright student, but why can't you get a good mark? is it because you tend to memorise your stuff and you never spend any time to memorise? if so, you really need to understand your concepts and be familiar with them. even without studying, if you know your concepts well and can finish the paper on time, you should be able to get a 5 or even a 6 if you really know them really well. with a little revision you should get a 6 or 7 in hand.

I'm a very lazy person as well (having my internal exams this week...and I only studied the night before the exam), I sleep when I'm tired no matter if I have unfinished work due the next day (but I can manage to finish it on time, still)... I'm so lazy...but I'm a top student in class because I understand my concepts well. I understand them and they're stuck in my head like glue, so with only little revision I can recall all the concepts because I don't memorise--I understand.

you. you have the potential and of course the brain to understand all the concepts... if you really spend your time to think through them till you think: oh this makes sense! I understand now!, then you're on the right track already. I'm not saying you cannot memorise, but if you understand it would be a lot easier and beneficial to you in the long run. in addition you'll also be able to appreciate the wonders of life through the subjects you learn lol.

lastly, familiarise yourself with the exam questions especially for English and your humanities. you need to know how to answer them (structure etc) properly (e.g., should I define first? should I draw diagram first? do I need to evaluate?) if you want a good mark. practise from past papers certainly and do seek for tips from your teachers.

and, don't procrastinate. don't think about having social life in IB, they don't go along really well.

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What she said.

There are no shortcuts to success in IB. You must make your own success, and if that means starting from the bottom, so be it. Learn to manage your procrastination, and prioritize, know what is important to do. It is all up to you to take control of your own life and do what Desy says, I'm sure you've experienced first hand what happens if you don't.

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aww, that really sucks. :/ i think i've managed to convince my parents thought to let me drop to studies, and hopefully, after a lot of hard work i might be able to ull off some better grades . :sadnod:

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