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IB french B SL individual oral topic ideas?

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Hi everyone!

I have to decide on my individual oral topic. I want to do something about the environment but I don't know which topic in specific.

Any ideas/recommendations?


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I did my indivual oral on the ban on religious symbols in French public schools and got a good mark. The best orals have a controversial element - this allows for greater depth when discussing contradictory perspectives and gives greater insight into certain elements of French culture, not to mention a greater sophistication in of language.

My friend did her oral on the use of renewable energies in France (such as wind power and solar power) and also did very well, as she was not only able to discuss the implications for the future of the nation and sustainability, but why some French people resent these technologies. She had a strong interest in the environment, which you may share, and I think it helped a lot as everything she said conveyed geuine passion and did not sound at all recited.

For another one of our orals we did a debate about nuclear power in France, for which there were environmental issues pertaining to both sides of the arguments. This was when the Japanese earthquakes had recently occured, so that gave the debate added interest.

Ask your teacher to help you find French articles and outher sources about your topics so you get an idea of their scope and the kinds of questions you would be asked. Good luck :)

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