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Topic vs Format

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Hey, guys.

For my IA, I am considering doing a very simple topic:

Is there a relationship between intelligence and wearing glasses?

Judging by the rubric, it seems like the actual question doesn't matter as much as meeting the criteria and doing the math properly.

Is this true?

Or, should I do a more complicated topic:

"Are teenagers or the elderly worse drivers?"

For this one, I would examine statistics and data from Stats Canada as well as personal opinion surveys.

However, this one seems like a LOT more work, and if the actual process is more important than the topic, then I'll do the first one.


Thanks, guys!

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well you can still survey on people wearing glasses. you can compare their gender, age, time spent on the computer per week, time spent playing video games, time spent on the phone, etc (you get the idea), how often they read, and surely their intelligence.

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My suggestion is if you are doing categorical data, which only has one variable, you should probably consider a bit more variables and then compare your results to draw conclusions. If you choose to quantify your categories and use 2-variable statistics, then you can analyze your data with greater depth through correlation. You have a good topic, its just a matter of choosing which methods you want to analyze and what angle you want to take and then going from there. :)

(You were talking when I started writing this so…)

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