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TOK Presentation on Lying

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Heeey guys so I am working on my TOK presentation and was wondering if there would be any people willing to lend me a hand in structuring a decent presentation (aiming to get a B in TOK overall)

My knowledge issue is; can lying add to our knowledge?

And I was thinking about tying in history as an AoK, in terms of Stalin and Hitler. Stalin through photo editing and Hitler through propaganda. But yeah, first I am sure I need to define what a lie is, but was wondering if the justification of a lie is necessary? As in should I mention the idea of "empathy theory" which basically states that we choose to lie after undergoing a process of weighing the pro's and con's of telling the truth and then opt for the decision with most points ( pros > cons - tell truth, pros < cons - lie)

Any ideas would be helpful! Thaaanks in advance :D

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