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prsentation topic: collateral damage?

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The other day we were given the low-down on what we would need to do for our TOK presentation.

I've picked a topic (collateral damage), looking at ethical issues, but would this be suitable?

I want to look at whether it is reasonable for innocent lives to be taken i.e. collateral, in order to rid the world of someone such as a terrorist?

If some knowledgeable person could let me know whether this topic would contain enough depth, it would be most appreciated.

thanks! :)

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I think collateral damage can be classed as a war crime if its pretty much intentional. There was a case of it in the first gulf war.

You'd have to do more research and see whether you think its a good issue but here's a link that might be helpful although it might be confusing.

Long story short in the first gulf war the Americans shot a cruise missile and it penetrated an air raid shelter in baghdad and killed over 300 hundred adults including 90 children. The general said they had intentionally targeted it. This would put them in breach of the Geneva convention.

I think Norman Schwartzkopf had classed it as 'collateral damage'

http://www.crimesofwar.org/a-z-guide/gulf-war/ there's the link. Skip to the 6th paragraph and read on. Hopefully you'll make some sense of it.

Your topic may be controversial but I'm not sure how you'll get a tok presentation out of it

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