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Experiment for Chem

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Uh, well, I'm doing a chemistry EE, and then I did my experiment. I thought it was well planned out, and it wasn't. It wasn't a complete failure, I just feel like there was so much better planning I could do, with a lot of factors that I didn't factor into my experiment.

Basically making me a fail scientist.

Does this nix my chances of passing my EE?

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It does not nix your chances of passing. You basically have to be an epic failure at life, have no citations, or write it in the completely wrong subject to fail an EE. However, how much time do you have left before you have to turn in your EE to your supervisor? If you still have time left, and your experiment isn't too difficult to replicate, maybe you could redo your experiment if you feel it would give you more confidence. If you don't really have time to redo your experiment, make sure you reflect significantly on that and show some growth and understanding of errors and suggest improvements to your design. IB likes that, especially in lab reports.

Good luck :)

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