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Tables in Extended Essays

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My EE was in chemistry.

It's clearly stated in many extended essay guides that tables are not included in the word count. I wrote my variables (Independent, dependend and controlled) together how they were measured and controlled in a table presented in methods.

1. Will that still count in the word count?

2. Do you know if the examiners will count the words to see that it is below 4000 words? How do they do that?

I would be happy if i got any reply either on both questions or on question.


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1. I am pretty sure that no, they will not count. After all, you are following the rules and including the variables in tables is just a way of making your EE's appearance better. So if I were you, I wouldn't worry that much.

2. I think that nobody knows how they check the word count. They certainly do not sit and count every single word! They could just check it through a word processor, but still they know that this will give them only an approximation since it will include words in tables and other stuff that are excluded from the word count. My guess is that they read an EE and if they feel that it has exceeded the word limit THEN they look into the word count. But this is just a guess so don't take if for granted :P All I know is that I spent hours and hours trying to reduce my word count to 4000 words and my teacher didn't even believe me! So I made it 3999 and everything was fine. I am sure you can find a way to reduce your word count, but it certainly is a boring procedure.

Good luck with it :)

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