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English IOC - Individual Oral Commentary

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Hey guys!

I need serious help for my upcoming IOC. I'm doing poems from William Blake and Shakespeare's Tempest. Mind giving suggestions for the types of questions that might come out?

Help is very much appreciated ;)


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It actually depends on the extract given and what you have said during your oral commentary.

They might ask you to elaborate more on the stuff you've said in a different perspective.

For example I had to do William Shakespeare's King Lear ending scene, and they asked me on how the actions at the end of the play reflect events from Christianity. (Lear cradling his daughter Cordelia in his arms = similar to Mary carrying baby Jesus)

May also ask how this also appears in other parts of the play, it's easier to understand if you're already familiar with the pieces.

Other typical questions may include stuff like....

What is the role of ........ in this extract?

How does the author/poet use (literary technique) in this extract?

How is ....... signficant as a symbol?

At least these are some of the things I got during my (Mock) IOC, of course there could be more, good luck!

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A fair few, yeah.

1. DON'T go outside the time limit (12-15 min if I remember correctly). And keep an eye on the clock if there is one.

2. Try to concentrate on content more than your own fluency. According to my English teacher, if your English (vocabulary + speech) is still crap by now, it's gonna stay that way. Sad but true, my classmates found out the hard way.

3. Keep in mind to keep an organized structure, whether it be a chronological one (analyzing from the first line down) or a "grouped ideas one" (talk about characterization, then structure, then diction, etc.)

4. Use quotations to support your point. This means saying "In lines xx-yy "Then give the quote". These help to validate your claims.

5. Key literary features to look out for: characterization, diction, structure, setting, and any other features specific to the given extract.

You are probably familiar with all of the above, but people tend to panic and forget them when doing the IOC.

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