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Aluminum always oxidizes?

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yea - use reactants so the Al won't react.

That was one of the ****tiest answer I've ever seen. No effort whatsoever!

How could I make aluminum not oxidize in an experiment?.. Is there such a way

Aluminium will only oxidise if it is energetically favourable. Therefore, if you want aluminium to be a spectator in a reaction process you must have a reactant that will oxidise more readily than the aluminium. A good example would be aluminium in magnesium sulphate. If you have magnesium, aluminium and sulphuric acid (in equal moles with respect to the sulphate ions) and you dumped it all into the beaker at once, the aluminium would not react because the reaction between magnesium and sulphuric acid is more energetically favourable. I hope this was a better response!

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Well if he wants a better answer, he better be more specific. That was a perfectly acceptable answer. What type of experiment? There are millions types of experiments one can perform with aluminum. And btw doesnt Aluminum oxidize with water?

Certainly acceptable to your standards but certainly not others. Try not to be so selfish and actually help others. If you cant be bothered to put in the effort then don't answer at all!

He basically asked: 'Under what conditions will aluminium not react?'; and you basically answered: 'Create such an environment so aluminium will not react.'

Helpful much?

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