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Help History EE - Stalin's Moscos Trials

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My research question right now is "To what extent is the statement "The Moscow Trials were pre-determined" true?" and I already have some sources. This sources are "Stalin" by Edvard Radzinsky, "Stalin: a Biography" by Robert Service, "Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives" by Alan Bullock and "Lenin, Stalin and Hitler: The age of Social Catastrophe" by Robert Gellately.

However I'm Still missing about 6 sources. The problem is that I already have 4 biographies and would like to find some sourrces which aren't biographies like newspaper articles and such. Would you know of any sources which can help my question?

Thank you very much for your time.

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Have you tried looking for books that are specifically on the Moscow Trials at a library or bookstore? You could probably find some good information on your topic if you can get your hands on one. Also, you could try looking in databases for newspaper articles and such. I like using the Questia database. In Questia if you search for a topic it will give you a list of books, journal articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, and encyclopedia entries based on that topic.

Also someone suggested a really good tip to me when I was writing my EE. You know in the back of a book where it has that references/footnotes section? You could easily look in that list and get a few sources that way. It's also a good way to find primary documents that are relevant.

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