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Stanford - What are the odds?

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Hey everyone,

I am in the IB Diploma Program and am just curious about my options.

First off I will start with my grades...(predicted at the moment)

Physics HL - 5

Business HL - 7

English HL - 5

Math SL - 5/6

French SL - 4

Chemistry - 5

TOK/EE - I've been told 2

Main Extracurricular

Volunteering at a bike shop - 1 year

Director/Leader of a school film club - 2 years

Hockey - 8 years

Baseball - Elite/Scouted - 10 years

Guitar - 3 years

Front-man of a band - 1 year

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

School House team captain

Attempted to create an online/distributor apparel/shoe company that operates in my area.

Attempted to create an online/distributor consumer electronics company.

SAT - 1650 - going to retake them

Also, I have a connection to one of the admissions officers at Stanford.

So everyone I was just wondering. What are my odds.

Also if it matters...income wise - would need major financial aid.

Canadian Citizen


Oh sorry and I know I'm not the only one who has this question so feel free to post your resume too. smile.gif

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Your chances are non existant if you are an international applying for financial aid with a 1650 SAT. Sorry.

But If you dont apply for aid and get your SAT up to 2200+, you stand a decent chance. And it depends how large a connection you have to admissions officer.

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Sorry mate, you have no chance...especially with a finical aid requirement. The average IB grade for Stanford is 42 and the average SAT score is 2010–2300 according to Collegeprowler.com

You need to be realistic about colleges and really need to raise your score if you want to pursue a good US college education.

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Well you can apply for a Athletic scholarship in that case but even then you need at least a 1900+ SAT score and a 36+ IB score.

Email their admission office for more information.

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In the US, only eight colleges and universities extend need-blind admission to international applicants. That’s less than 1% of America’s higher education institutions, but these eight are also among America’s most elite:

  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Amherst College
  • Middlebury College
  • Williams College

The correlation is not accidental.

Need-blind admission is possible only when an institution is well-funded enough to support it. Stanford is not one of them as you may have noticed. They're only need-blind for Americans, unfortunately

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