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Political Correctness

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Welcome, fellow citizens of the reality that represents ToK. Spill your beans on what you think of Political Correctness. On your marks... get set... post!

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I think it can be taken too far sometimes. I understand not wanting to offend people but when you take it so far you lose your own values it becomes ridiculous.

For example, there was a case that a primary school would consider no longer celebrating Christmas because it might offend other religions.

1. I have never ever heard a child of another religion complain about Christmas, they may not celebrate it but find nothing wrong with others celebrating it.

2. Why would you take away a harmless culture that's been celebrated for hundreds of years?

3. If someone is new to a culture then (unless the culture is harmful) what's wrong with them adapting or accepting the culture, i've only heard of extremists ask for a radical change.

moving on, it ruins innocence for people. 'Bah bah black sheep' was deemed racist... ok, i've never complained about it, i've never ever heard anyone complain about it. All it is doing it putting the idea of racism into someone's mind. If they aren't racist what harm is being done?

Maybe the whole 'political correctness' thing is just a stance of unnecessary empathy in some cases. They've just assumed what other people think because the only reference point to other people's thoughts are their own.

- i'll put in that i can't remember the sources for these but it's true, it's not something i'd make up

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