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English revision?

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Read tip 1 here: CLICK for Paper 2.

For the presentation and for the coursework, obviously you don't have to revise anything at all. You have the texts and loads of time so revision = totally unnecessary.

For the oral commentary, you should basically follow the same kind of revision plan as for Paper 2 but obviously not looking at themes. Rather you want to concentrate on:

- characters

- symbols

- author's style, recognising and being able to refer to examples of it

- the CHRONOLOGY of the book, because you'll be given a random extract and you need to recognise where it's from and then put it in context

On the whole, english is a very revision-light subject. York Notes Advanced are some of the best notes out there so that's a smart move, I reckon. Reading those and thinking about timelines, discussion and more or less all the sorts of things they pull out ought to be sufficient revision for the Oral Commentary (also re-read your texts if you have time). For Paper 2, you'll want to read the York Notes but then also consider doing what is mentioned in the tips thread and running through themes which unite your texts etc.

Hope that helps.

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