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IA HL Psychology. help with this experiment :)

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I`m a IB student of HL Psychology. And now I have to do the IA. So for that, my group choose this topic presented on a list:

"Effects of First Names on Perception of Physical Attractiveness."

Does someone know a experiment related with this? Please help me to find it, I had look every were in books and nothing. I need the experiment with name and date. Please :)

This is all the information this topic has:

"Effects of First Names on Perception of Physical Attractiveness. Effects of attractive vs. unattractive first names on perceptions of physical attractiveness in either males or females. One variation might be to use a description of a person rather than a picture and counterbalance the names. Design an experiment that provides a way of measuring if first names make a difference on judgments of physical attractiveness. If names do make a difference you will need to find a reliable way of choosing desirable vs. undesirable first names. You will also need to decide what factors you will use to determine physical attractiveness or you will need to write descriptors of persons they are to judge."

Thanks guys for helping :)

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