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Theatre performance and production presentation (TPPP)

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Okay my TPPP is this friday and im kindof freaking out at this pint because i have no idea how or what to talk about. In general i know you have to talk about the three world traditions and how it develpoed your understanding of theatre, but that still doesnt change the fact that i dont really get what to talk about.

Do i talk about for ex. acting in declamatory style evolved earlier form greeks then to ..... (and so forth)

I have no idea if someone can explain this to me that would be great!!

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Alright, so your TPPP is basically about how you've changed and grown as an actress/actor. It's also good if you refer to a lot of theatre practitioners like Stanislavski, Brecht, Artaud, etc. You want to talk about 3 experiences and the process of it for you. Talking about declamatory style of acting and Greek theatre is good! So you can talk about that experience. And let's say you have another experience where you acted in a Shakespearian show - that's good, too. Here's an example (of mine) that hopefully might help:

"One of my most challenging roles was _____ in Metamorphoses."

- Greek play

- Used Artaud's physical theatre - when I expressed anger, I realised I used my arms and shoulders a lot, and emphasizing those parts of my body helped me blah blah blah...

- Expressionism - very physical show, movement to express emotion, etc.

- Reflection - I realised that theatre is not just about words, it's also about the physical movement and sometimes movements and gestures conveyed emotion and meaning better than the lines spoken, blah blah blah...

Yes, it involves a lot of BS for some/most people.

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I am also doing my TPPP for theatre arts and was wondering if it was okay to mention in my presentation how I grew and learned from my research such as my research from the PPP, RI or IPP. Or do I have to ease away from the theatre traditions I studied in these projects? For instance, if I studied naturalism and Stanislavski for my RI, could I not mention this knowledge and apply it to a play I saw? Also, if for the external productions that I need to mention that I saw, is it okay if I mention performances that contain musical theater?

Thank you!!!

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