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Question about plagiarism

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Hello IB Survival Team,

I am a junior year IB student and have decided upon the subject to do EE in. I will be deciding the topic soon to research on.

I have a doubt regarding the term "plagiarism".

Can anyone please define it very appropriately in the context of Extended Essay.

The Literature Review which is written in the EE, can that be plagiarized?

Waiting for quick responses.Thank you in advance.

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Your question's very unclear. What subject are you doing your EE in?

The extended essay should be your own work and research only. As long you've cited your sources, made quotations and WRITTEN YOUR OWN content, You'll be fine.

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For an EE in English you must cite sources (besides the novel you are analizing) to give an academic context to your work.

as long as you make and paraphrase you don't plagarize. remember to cite all your sources

a few years ago in my school a student paraphrased something for her EE but she didn't cite it. she didn't get her diploma because of this.

plagiarism is defined as " the representation of the ideas or work of another person as the candidate's own" http://www.ibo.org/ibap/conference/documents/CathyHillAntonyMayrhoferandRobyneLovelock-AcademicHonestyinSchools.pdf

look at the link for information about academic honesty.

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