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Needing help with the Historical Investigation

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Hello everyone!

I am writing my Historical Investigation and I am in need of some help/opinions.

My question is: "To what extent did the German Campaigns in the Balkans cost Adolf Hitler the Second World War?"

I have some research and a few sources, but am looking to add more. I've found some evidence to support my view, but if anyone had any suggestions/ points I could write or expand upon, that would be great!

The main points I'm addressing so far are:

- The fact that the German Campaigns in the Balkans delayed Operation Barbossa and depleted supplies ( militarily, but also the amount of forces prepared for the Russian Invasion)

- Capture of the Balkans was unneccessary to Hitler's plan of defeating the Russians.

So... is there anyone out there that could possibly help? :)

(If you have any idea of books I could look at, that'd be great too.

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In addition to the points that you are already addressing, you could debate the extent to which the German campaigns in the Balkans gave the impression that Hitler was heading for Suez. This may have diverted attention from the fact that in April-May 1941 he was building up forces in Poland in preparation for Operation Barbarossa. (Watch the spelling!)

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