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Hello everyone!

I was thinking of doing my TOK presentation on misleading.

I could come up with these areas:

  1. business (eg. advertisements)
  2. politics (eg. news broadcasts)
  3. everyday situations (eg. fights with parents, drawing attention to one area instead of another)

I thought of several examples for each category like the famous KONY 2012 documentary, but what else should I include?

Also I thought of adding the necessary 'elements' for misleading, eg. lack of knowledge from one or both sides

What else do you think I can include?

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Guest Jar Jar D'oh!

Sounds more like a decent presentation, make it a bit more TOK-y by having a look at the concerned Ways of knowing and Areas of knowing. Though I think WoKs are particularly important here.

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All TOK presentations need a knowledge issue as a focus. I'm not sure where you're going with the things you have right now.

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