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Forgetting citations and plagiarism?

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On my English World Lit Paper 2 that I just handed in a few weeks ago, I realized that I am missing 2 citations.

I have quotations around the quoted material but I forgot to write the line number (I did a commentary). I also forgot to put quotes in another citation but I have a footnote there. -.-

I know this is a really stupid mistake to make but it's partially because I forgot to change my citations from page number to line number until about 20 minutes before it was due...and then I realized I numbered the lines wrong so I had to redo my citations.

So in my panic I must have missed a few of my quotes.

Will they accuse me of plagiarism just for that?? The quoted text is from the book I am analyzing... not some other source. But

It's making me paranoid, really paranoid.

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