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Someone give me the Arabic Ab Initio syllabus / and Advise

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I need advise: i am a pre-ib student about to become an ib student and i was wondering whether any one has ever self taught themselves Arabic ab and gotten a 6/7 without being a native speaker? because i have not previously studied a language (in my igcse's) and the only ones my school offer is French and Spanish which i strongly have no passion for. if your wondering yes i am a an Arab but i am far from fluent in the language and can barely read or write (despite the fact that i speak it to my family everyday). so do you think i should go for it? please give me some past experiences regrading something along the lines of my situation. and if you can give me a link to the Arabic ab syllabus or PM me.

Thanks in advanced!

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I did the Arabic Ab Initio (May session) even though I'm doing the rest of my exams in November.

I'm also from an arabic background and spoke it daily although wasn't confident in my reading or writing.

The Ab Initio course isn't too bad and I found I really improved.

I have the syllabus but its all in arabic- I don't have an english version so I'm not sure how helpful it'll be!

Just a quick add- I got my results and received a 6- which I'm very happy about, so if you do decide to do Arabic let me know if I can help you with anything!

Arabic Ab initio.pdf

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Hey, I'm a non-arab but I'm taking Arabic Ab-Initio. Can I get some help maybe? Could you add me on facebook, because I'm only on there. Plus, are there any specific books I need to use, because our school just started Arabic Ab-Initio because of me, so they don't know anything. Thanks in advance :)

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