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Stuck in the middle...

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Hello boys and girls!

As you can see, I am a fresh fish up here, so I am (in advance) sorry for any inconvenience.

My signature says that I have maths and geography on HL, so it can be easily deduced that I am somehow interested in mathematical/geographical studies. Unfortunately, I am NOT. I had plans for engineering studies or any others, highly related to maths. Few months passed and I am (as the title says) stuck in the middle with... me, myself. I;ve been thinking about my near-future for few months and I ended up with few ideas, which are as follows:

- Law

- Psychology

- Direction

- Acting

Pretty tricky, isn't it?

I am most interested in psychology, but since it is a field of study which is very popular and considered to be for people 'who don't know what to do with their future' I decided to let it be my hobby, or in future my second course.

Acting and direction is something I am not interested in as a hobby. I just know that ( I am sorry), I'll be good at it even though I have NO experience, but then after such courses you either have to to be very very very very good at what you are doing, or have a luck.

So here we are - law. The fact that I didn't pick up history and I really hate learning dates,names and other 'by heart stuff' can be a problem, but I am planning to change it and start doing something with it, except only thinking about it.

I did a little reaserch and there is one university that I really like - University of Amsterdam. Of course there are tons of others, but since I am not from rich family I am not even thinking about USA universities (I wish I could...)

Amsterdam is not that expensive, it is nice city with a mix of people from around the world and the university has really good opinions.

Now, I'd like to apologize for the boring introduction, but there was no other way to ask few questions. So here they are

Do you think that in my situation it is foolery to leave maths-related studies? Do you think that a lack of history would be a problem or even an obstacle to apply for law course? My dream-job is either being a lawyer or psychotherapist (+ director, actor, comedian but it's not important right now), but as for financial problems in my family, I have to find something which wouldn't take too long to study and could prepare me as fast as possible for empowerment, which is it then?

Writing me what I should do (in your own opinion) would also help, and I'd really like to see some ideas/advices, but answering those two questions would be the most important.

Hello all,


P.S sorry for any grammatical errors!

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Yeah, I see your point and I would agree if my situation was different. My math teacher is really bad and things we have to learn make me sick and completely not interested in. Functions, Diferentiations etc. That's not the math I like, and I am sure that in few months I won't even like to be active on lessons.

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If you don't like math very much and don't want to do something related to it at uni (which it kind of appears to be judging by your post) I wouldn't go for the engineering route. Just do well in it, pass the exam, and then never think about all that HL stuff again. It wouldn't be foolish to leave all your HL math stuff behind if you're not into it. I'm in HL English but would never even dream of wanting to do anything related to it at uni--is that foolish? No. Plus you can do a HL simply because you enjoy the subject, even though you don't want to pursue it at uni. It appears that you really like law so I'd go with that. :D

Since you say you are really interested in University of Amsterdam, go on their website or give them a phone call and see what their requirements for law are. They might have certain IB requirements (like certain subjects at HL or a certain number of points) or they might not. You can use this to see if your current subjects are fine as they are or if you need to work something out with your school to get those requirements. I know in the UK HL history's basically a given for law, so your choices might be slim if you want to go there.

Good luck with your decisions!

P.S. your grammar was fine, save for a few little minor errors. :)

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The only way to be sure of having no regrets later in life is to pursue your dream! Since you are most interested in psychology, and you are good at maths but not enthusiastic about it, I would suggest having a look at universities offering an MA course in Sociology and Psychology, or Cognitive Science (Humanities). This involves less informatics and more psychology and philosophy than a BSc in the same subject, but still leads to immediate employment opportunities in fields ranging from health to entertainment. Your present choice of IB subjects should satisfy the entrance requirements if you get good grades. (This is a high-demand subject area)

If you later want to practise psychotherapy, your MA and work experience would be an ideal base for a Doctorate in Psychotherapy and Counselling, which could be done on a part-time basis while you continue to earn.

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