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Use of Dystopian Novel Topics?

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I was searching up random books for my English EE (still no clue on what to choose; the cycle of like/dislike keeps repeating) and I found dystopian novels actually very interesting. I'm worried that they're overused however; it seems very easy to do an EE on them. In addition, an examiner's report (http://extendedessays.wikispaces.com/file/view/English+A1+EE+Examiner+Report+M11.pdf) pointed out dystopian novels as a "familiar path". Is the core of the matter that I just have to find an imaginative topic? Or should I avoid these novels entirely?

The Giver sounds good but I'm pretty sure many people already did their EE on it. You guys know of any other significant dystopian novels? A book that combines a good read as well as literary significance is like the Holy Grail for me (I found Gathering Blue to be easy to read but not of much literary significance). It's also quite short.

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My EE was on this as well

You can use the handmaid's tale, I didn't use it, but it was strongly recommended by my English

I just didn't feel like reading three books so iI didn't use it.

I'm currently reading it though just for fun and its great.

You must know 1884 too, that one is a good one

and the classic Brave new world by Aldous Huxley so many themes in there ...

good luck

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Yeah Brave New World and 1984 is apparently a good comparison and been done.

Thanks for the luck; I'm sure I'll need it. :P

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