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IB cramming/summer schools

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Does anyone know of any good IB cramming/summer schools in England or France? Or has anyone been to one and has some feedback, I think it would be really useful for me and a worthwhile investment.

Let me know!


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I've heard good things about the Lanterna revision courses and know some people who've been on Oxford revision courses who said they were alright. Just google them, there are plenty. Overall though, I'd say that you're probably going to be more efficient revising by yourself. A lot of people mistake revision courses for cramming-on-your-behalf or a solution to having to do their own revision. At the end of the day, you've still got to do the cramming and whilst revision courses will cover a few common topics at the slow pace the class sets, you can do your own cramming, cover a lot more content than just a few common topics and at the maximum pace you're capable of. A revision course doesn't replace in any way your own revision and to be honest given that you could have spent that time revising more efficiently, could actually slow you down.

Just my opinion. The main motive for doing one is if your teacher is so appalling that you're forced to go in order to learn! In which case money is probably better spent on finding a tutor to bomb through your problems in a more condensed and individually-specific fashion. Or if you've gone through life thus far without developing good revision techniques, in which case I do recommend you give it a shot because revision techniques are essential to gain! :)

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