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English IOP Death of A Salesman *Please Read* :)

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as this is the definition for exposition that my computer gives: "the part of a play or work of fiction in which the background to the main conflict is introduced." i would say that more parts of the play indicate the background of the main conflict.

first id define the main conflict as betrayal

the betrail part can be found especially in ACT II where the part is mentioned where Willy has "the woman" in his room and then little Biff walks in.

then Linda betrays Willy, because she could actually rescue him from the suicide, as she knows about it (i think thats in act 2 as well, am not sure though) so she kinda betrays him.

That is also with the rubber tube that she had found because she had always put it back at its place when willy came home, instead of throwing it out.

Then of course that Willy always lies about his income, (which is of course because he is ashamed so i think its not to be taken in consideration)

i hope that helps you but i am not to sure if it is what you needed, as i didn't know the meaning of exposition.

good luck

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