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Historical Investigation - German Campaigns in the Balkans

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Hello everyone! My Historical Investigation is coming along very well. My question is,

" To what extent did the German Campaigns in the Balkans cost Adolf Hitler the Second World War?"

I am on the part of evaluating my sources. I found an excerpt from when Adolf Hitler was in conversation with filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, and it is him admitting that Italy essentially cost him the war. I thought that this would be a great primary document, however I can't find the exact place or meeting from which he actually said it. This is the excerpt:

" Italy's entry into the war has been nothing but disaster for us. If the Italians hadn't attacked Greece and needed our help, the war would have taken a different course. We could have anticipated the Russian cold by weeks and conquered Leningrad and Moscow. There would have been no Stalingrad". Adolf Hitler in conversation with Leni Riefenstahl, 30 March 1944.

Has anyone seen this quote anywhere, or have any idea where I could find a viable source for it?

I'd love to use it in my H.I.


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