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What are the topics of the IB BIO IA's?

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There aren't set IAs, these are ones your school has made up for you. You can technically do IAs on anything you want. So ask your teacher, because it's a system created by them if they've told you they all have numbers etc.! :P At least a few of them they won't be able to give you a topic for because you're marked on designing them yourself.

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It is up to the schools. A general direction will be given, however it is really up to you what you investigate.

I did IAs on these topics:

Effect of stream velocity on abundance of mayfly nymphs

Substrate concentration and enzymes

Respiration rate of peas

Pea germination

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You can pretty much do any IA that the school says you can, but those topics will have to be relevant to the IB. For example, your school could tell you to investigate factors affecting the capacity of the cardiorespiratory system, and you could choose to investigate VO2 max, heart rate, or lung capacity. It's really up to you, unless of course your school tells you to.

My school tends to do one IA for each topic (therefore per term), with Anatomy and Physiology being split into two separate IAs.

Here are the IA topics that I have currently had and the relevant topics:

  • Topic 1 Cell Biology - Osmosis
  • Topic 2 Biochemistry - Enzyme digestion rate
  • Topic 3 Genetics - Fruit fly simulation (wasn't actually an IB IA as such)
  • Topic 4 Ecology - Water quality
  • Option E Neurobiology and Behaviour - Reaction time/rate
  • Topic 5 Anatomy and Physiology - Microbiology (we're not submitting this to the IB just in case)
  • Option H Further Anatomy and Physiology - Capacity of the cardiorespiratory system

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