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Geography EE topic

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It's your EE, so it's up to YOU to come up with your topic! We can't give you topics as it's something you are graded on.

Try using :google: to look up some things you are interested in and see if you can narrow it down.

Then once you've come up with some topics we can critique them for you and give you feedback.

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Hey man! Geography is a nice subject to write you EE in. Just remember to keep things spatial and look for patterns. I actually wrote my EE in Geography and my topic was: "How has Nigeria's low levels of development influenced FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the country?" Good luck finding a topic. What I heard from my supervisor (if your hoping for an A) is that you need primary field data (or she has never seen a EE in Geography get an A without primary data). In other words you would have to go out to the field and collect primary information yourself so it might be a good idea to choose something local. That would also help you gather information more easily. I didn't do that but I ended up getting predicted a B on my EE accordingly.

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Hope this isn't coming in too late!

Geography in my opinion is a great subject to do your EE in, cause you really create knowledge, you aren't just researching a bunch of stuff and regurgitating it in your own words or pov.

As the above comments mentioned, gathering your own data is definitely recommended. Being able to explain how you designed your survey will be very helpful.

Most people do physical geography questions in my school. For example, how the pollution levels change as a river in your community nears the shore. or how dense the residential zoning is in different areas.

But I got predicted an A and I did a survey on people. In fact I created my own kind of thematic map that would show the residential perception value of different areas in my city, and I explored the possible factors that might have lead to it.

I highly recommend thinking about a question relating to human geography, especially the migration and globalisation units in the course. Take a look at the course syllabus, and it should be able to give you inspiration. Just try to prove one of the statements right or wrong with your research in your community.

See the other emphasis? YOUR COMMUNITY. Make it local and unique.

Hope this helps!

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