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Is my English EE topic okay?

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I wanted to do something different.

The effect of the genre of fairy tales on modern society.

If not, Plan B
The authenticity of the society portrayed in Arthurian legends

And finally plan C
Anything to do with Alice in Wonderland.

Really don't want to do the last one. Please advice.

And please... do not steal this topic. I will find you and kill you. It's a fact
:shoot: Edited by Ren

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You're expected to do intense analysis for an EE, not broad sweeping stuff. So you'd need to narrow down "fairy tales" to a specific one or two fairy tales. Also you're expected to do literary analysis and not social analysis. The effect of fairy tales on modern society is not appropriate for English Literature. Similarly examining historical inaccuracies is not actually analysing the literature (and again, a specific legend or two - and they'd need to have some kind of author). Think of 'literature' as the main emphasis!

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