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EE-Politics?-Health Care

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Hey guys, I am simply wondering whether an analysis and contrast of two different health care systems such as the Italian one and the American one would fit into the category of politics, and if not what other category it might pertain to.

The question for the EE is this: Between the public health care system in Italy and the private one in the United States, which is more advantageous to the citizen?

Clearly this question is simply a start, and can be manipulated if needed. My main concern is whether or not it fits under a category.

Thanks for any help!

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I'm really not sure it DOES fit under a subject. Also it's a bit of a non-question. "Advantageous to the citizen" could mean such a wide range of things to so many different people! I didn't do a politics EE - however your question is more infrastructural than political, in my opinion. I suspect it's an un-doable topic, unless somebody who did a Politics-based EE can tell you otherwise.

And of course the answer is obvious: the Italian system! :P Number 2 in the world by last WHO rankings versus number 37. Better quality of healthcare, free at the point of access, and also costs everybody less money overall. Bargain. Despite their bizarre restrictions on pharmacies.

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